Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dear Diary.. It's been a while.

2 years since I last blogged and man I feel the pressure!

So to ease my way back in gently, I thought I'd just do a quick diary entry for today.

Dear Diary

It started with the "barp barp BARP" of the nasty alarm. Faaark... I hate waking up. No I HATE waking up!!!! So i snoozed the obligatory 2 times, 6mins each time and dragged myself up, looked at the clock and realised the race was on to be out the door in 24 mins. Hmmm.. Decide to skip shower  as saves water and electricity. Make up can also be applied in the car. Is my mascara still in the ashtray?? Affirnative! Cue Child 3 and his quest for blasted swimming crap to take to school. Done. and done again after he lost it. And the fucking RE DONE an hour later after school calls to inform me of lack of actual swimming crap AT SCHOOL. Mental note diary, must thank husband for putting down the protein shake and racing out to deliever cargo. Also, must come up with a list for potential future grown up jobs for Number 3 which don't have a great call for a working memory. Or common sense..

Kids out at school, not look like applying said Mascara whilst driving. Not successful  Care factor - maybe 3 or 4..... On to job, went well but note Diary - joking to 2 and 3 yr olds about picking their noses, usually just ends with them actually picking their noses. Or at least draws their attention to their nose whereby their little finger feels the need to check the internal maintenance of the nostril and go at it for at least a minute. Lesson learned Diary.

Refused the evil temptation of Golden Arches today Diary and felt triumphant. Great feeling and I felt it I think 42 times or at least every minute before I actually gave up and decided that I should share my good feelings around and offer patronage to a local business. Screw Sat NAV- Who knew my car pretty much self drives to the Big M now?

Resumed cooking project "XMAS LOVE N' BAKE: and am constantly humbled by the various ways that sugar, cocoa and butter can be made into edible versions of,, well,, heaven or sex - it's just too hard to decide?! Hands down the TIME magazine person of the year needs to go to MISSMOLLY47 for her outrageously amazing Chocolate Slice recipe. Hunt this woman down and reward her for crying out loud! 

Diary you will be proud - I excersied! No I really did - bonafide sweating and odour so much so that I wont be able to skip another shower. I also did NOT in any way UNDO it by sampling a semi-large section of fricken fabulous chocolate slice.. Care/Self Loathing Factor - maybe 8/9... actually, probably 9.. 

Watched one of shared favourite TV shows with Life Partner and it was nice. There's something really special about sharing 48mins in total silence at different ends of the couch Diary.. 

Did Google search of name after reading a news story of someone doing the same and became re-acquainted with my old musings. It's hard to believe I am so hilarious Diary. I have a serious typo issue but care factor, 2/.W.........

Approaching bed time - have not eaten anything since sexy slice so feelings of triumpancy have returned. I may reward myself with  a piece of slice. Will let you now tomorrow Diary.

Till then, it's good to be back,..

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